DeNardis MX Bike Stand


DeNardis/DMF Pop Up Tent


3′ x 7′ Work Mat


MX85 Digital Ignition

DMF Works Rear Shock

dmf works rear shock

Upgrade your DMF bike with this high performance rear shock

Bolt up and race as is. Or have us set it up for your exact race settings. We will set oil weight, spring rate and adjust valving to suit each rider.

  • Works Shock as is $249.
  • Works Shock with custom built for rider $449.
  • Works shock service and adjustments $250
  • Works shock spring only $115.

*when ordering please inform us, rider weight, type of riding, skill level or classification


Custom graphic kits with rider numbers and names!

N-style was established 25 years ago making motocross graphics for many of the biggest team and riders in pro motocross. Produced in Valencia, California, USA N-style is the only official graphic company for DMF race bikes.  To order custom graphic kits with rider numbers contact N-Style at (661) 607-0150 or visit them online at

bills pipe 2

Bills Pipes produces championship winning high performance exhaust pipe and silencers. Bolt on Performance gains throughout the entire power band. Bills Pipes are manufactured in the USA and produces pipes and silencers for DMF MX85 and MX105. To order contact Bills Pipes at
(951) 371-1329 or visit them online

bills pipes logo

Pirelli Motocross Racing Tires

  • 14″ Rear Scorpion MX mid soft       $64.95
  • 16″ Rear Scorpion MX mid soft       $69.95
  • 17″ Front – Scorpion MX mid soft    $57.95
  • 19″ Front – Scorpion MX mid soft    $62.95
  • 14″ Rear Scorpion MX mid hard      $64.95
  • 16″ Rear Scorpion MX mid hard      $73.95
  • 17″ Front – Scorpion MX mid hard  $58.95
  • 19″ Front – Scorpion MX mid hard  $64.95

19/16 or 17/14 CNC Billet Wheels Set

Light weight 7.3lbs, designed & built very strong

$399 per set

DMF 85cc Works Radiator & Silicone Hose Kit


Hose available in five colors: Blue, Red, Black, Green, White

DMF Aluminum CNC Piston Stop Tool – MX85


DMF Clutch Wrench – MX85


DMF Fork Wrench – MX85


DMF Flywheel Puller – MX85


TAG Chain


TAG Front Sprocket


Size 13-14

TAG Rear Sprocket


Size 46-51

Available in Black, Blue, Orange, Red

TAG T2 Handlebar


Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange

TAG Handlebar Grips

$9.98 – $12.99

Available in Slim, Rebound or Low Rebound Style in a variety of colors